Réka Albert

Distinguished Professor of Physics and Biology

152E Davey Laboratory,
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-6123
E-mail: ralbert@phys.psu.edu


course Teaching
  • Spring 2014 - Physics 580
    2:30 - 3:45am T, Th, 214 Hammond
    Elements of Network Science and its Applications

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Our research is driven by an ongoing dialog between experimental measurements and theoretical modeling. We build our models on the most salient features of a system, and use our results as predictions and guidance for future experiments. Our diverse, interdisciplinary projects are characterized by the common goal of identifying organizing principles of complex systems.

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Recent Selected Works
  1. S. N. Steinway, M. Biggs, T. P. Loughran, J. Papin, R. Albert,
    Inference of Network Dynamics and Metabolic Interactions in the Gut Microbiome,
    PLOS Computational Biology (2015).
  2. J. G. T. Zañudo, R. Albert,
    Cell Fate Reprogramming by Control of Intracellular Network Dynamics,
    PLOS Computational Biology 11, e1004193 (2015).
  3. C. Campbell, K. Shea, S. Yang, R. Albert,
    Motif profile dynamics and transient species in a Boolean model of mutualistic ecological communities,
    J. Complex Networks (in the press, 2015).
  4. S. N. Steinway, J. G. T. Zañudo, W. Ding, C. B. Rountree, D. J. Feith, T. P. Loughran, Jr., R. Albert,
    Network modeling of TGFβ signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition reveals joint Sonic hedgehog and Wnt pathway activation,
    Cancer Research 74, 5963 (2014).
  5. A. M. Jones, Y. Xuan, M. Xu, R. S. Wang, C. H. Ho, S. Lalonde, C. H. You, M. I. Sardi, S. A. Parsa, E. Smith-Valle, T. Su, K. A. Frazer, G. Pilot, R. Pratelli, G. Grossmann, B. R. Acharya, H.-C. Hu, C. Engineer, F. Villiers, C. Ju, K. Takeda, Z. Su, Q. Dong, S. M. Assmann, J. Chen, J. M. Kwak, J. I. Schroeder, R. Albert, S. Y. Rhee, and W. B. Frommer,
    Border Control—A Membrane-Linked Interactome of Arabidopsis
    344, 711-716 (2014).
  6. Z. Sun, X. Jin, R. Albert, S.M. Assmann,
    Multi-level modeling of light-induced stomatal opening offers new insight into its regulation by drought,
    PLOS Computational Biology 10, e1003930 (2014)
  7. C. Campbell, R. Albert,
    Stabilization of perturbed Boolean network attractors through compensatory interactions, 
    BMC Systems Biology
     8:53 (2014).
  8. T. LaBar, C. Campbell, S. Yang, R. Albert, and K. Shea,
    Restoration of plant-pollinator interaction networks via species translocation
    Theoretical Ecology 7, 209-220 (2014)
  9. R. Albert, B. DasGupta, N. Mobasheri
    Topological implications of negative curvature for biological and social networks,
    Phys. Rev. E 89, 032811 (2014)
  10. A. Saadatpour, R. Albert,
    Boolean modeling of biological regulatory networks: A methodology tutorial,
    Methods 62, 3-12 (2013)

    Highlighted in Physics Focus http://physics.aps.org/articles/v5/98

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